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 Madeiras Alman, The Exotic Wood  Company
Additionally, Madeiras Alman is continuously introducing new products into the market such as Menggaris, Chanate, and Pao Rosa. These hardwoods are of similar strength and durability with the well-accepted timber like Apitong and Panga-Panga.

At Madeiras Alman, we believe in making our wood resources into environmental friendly products while preserve the nature of rain forest. We practise sustainable forest management in our business, and our products are quality controlled.

Our hardwood products are mainly from Malaysia and Mozambique one of the most respectful countries which practises sustainable forest management. We specialize in sawn timber, hardwood flooring, moulding products and industrial used wood products, such as truck flooring, furniture, and outdoor products. Species such as Merbau, Keruing/Apitong, Pau Ferro, Panga-Panga, Ebony, Chanfuta, Monzo, Umbella, and Jambire are the most popular species.

We are making our best efforts to present you with our entire spectrum of information and offers on this website. At Madeiras Alman, we provide information about Southeast Asian and Africa hardwood species at Product Page. Our goal is to make Madeiras Alman the best resources for asian and africa hardwood information and your supply.

We believe that, by far, the most important aspect of our business is the quality of products and services. Serving you right is our principle of all time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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